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In today’s economy, it can be tough to sift through so many job applications to find just the right candidate.  This is where a professional staffing service can help.  By actively screening candidates, Smither does all the legwork of the job placement process, presenting only the most qualified applicants and arranging interviews.  This time-consuming process can be a major burden to H.R. departments that are already stretched thin. Whether you are looking for a long-term employee or someone to help out during a busy time, Smither & Associates can find the right person for the job.

Smither and Associates is primarily geared to staffing small to mid-range organizations in Chapel Hill, Durham and the surrounding areas. Each candidate is carefully recruited and screened to the client's specifications. Not only does Smither select candidates with the desired credentials, attitude, philosophy and character are also considered to ensure a successful match for the position.  Smither carefully researches background histories and verifies employment records confirming a qualified employee.

Temporary Division

  • Do you need an interim solution for an employee who is taking leave, vacation or has to be out due to an emergency?
  • Do you need extra help for a special project?
  • Would you like to try out an employee before committing to hire permanently?

If you are in need of temporary or temp-to-hire employment, Smither & Associates offers short and long-term assignments geared to the needs of both clients and employees.  Our streamlined search process can lower administrative overhead costs and simplify the recruitment process, enabling clients to focus on their business.

Assignments can be in all industries, from academic and medical environments to business offices. Most assignments are administrative in nature and utilize office and computer skills.

Did you know?

  • Staffing agencies employ nearly 2.5 million people on any given day, almost 10 million in 2010 alone
  • 90% of client businesses say staffing companies give them the flexibility to stay fully staffed during busy times
  • 80% of clients say staffing firms offer a good way to find qualified permanent employees
Source: ASA